27. March 2015 | zEv

PHGP.tv Social Links


Additions, not spam!

We have listed the links to our official social touch points below. The reason why we are highlighting this is because we been have asked quite a few times in the stream about our Facebook, and our twitter. Our main focus in regards to external media outside of phgp.tv in the future is going to be on YouTube. Here we will upload all VOD content from our channel and in the future our own fragmovies etc. Soundcloud will allow you to listen to podcasts from our coverage teams ( we are currently working on the podcast from last night which will be available later today ). We believe that one might not always have access to a fast connection or have the chance to view video so we thought releasing the audio would make sense for people on the go. Twitter will give you guys a possibility to tweet at use Live in the stream in the future. We also have a few other ideas what we could do with Twitter that we will talk about later on. Facebook is pretty-much self explanatory. The links are listed below.

26. March 2015 | zEv

FjoRXtourney1 Preview


FjoRXtourney1 by Fjoggs

When I saw this map for the first time today I had to write about it. The lower levels demonstrate the power of the Reflex engine and how detailed mappers can get with brushwork even without custom meshes or models. We are really looking forward to this map and cant wait to feature it after some heavy gameplay testing as soon as it is ready for release! 

Check out this great looking map and read what Fjoggs has to say about it here.

26. March 2015 | zEv

New Reflex UI Screenshots


UI images of the new Reflex UI ( Updated 26/03 )

Check out these cool UI shots of the upcoming Reflex UI Update! We have listed them here

26. March 2015 | b1z

DISQUS - Join in!


Engage with PHGP.TV

After receiving a few questions regarding how to "log-in" or "sign-up" to PlayHardGoPro, we thought it would make sense to explain what we are working with here. Engagement throughout PHGP.TV works with a service called DISQUS

A few words from the creators

We believe that how you say something is just as important as what you say. You don’t need to trade in your identity for the ability to speak up. The freedom to express how you want is what lets you be truly authentic. Disqus is made for geeks by geeks. Everyone is a geek about something, whether it’s music, food, or science fiction. Sometimes you just need the right space to explore it. Whatever you’re into, we help you get into it.

Check out more of this epic wizardy here
25. March 2015 | zEv

pukka3tourney2 Reflex!


DraQu releases Toxicity

Toxicity has always been one of my favourite duel maps. I'm especially a huge fan of the layout. It doesn't try to throw some complex architecture at you, but instead makes the most out of it's simple design. This makes Toxicity a lot of fun to play and enables it to be easily picked up by people not familiar with the map.

I decided to port the map, because I wanted to learn the Reflex editor and to be able to play Toxicity with friends. In the maps that I play, I prefer a simple and sleek look, so that's what I set out to do with the port. The only thing that I'm not happy about, is the fact that there is no acid to replace the lava with. Get on it, dev team.

I would like to thank the author of the original map, thefury for making such a great map and giving me permission to port it to Reflex.

- Cheers DraQu

Tell us what you think about this map in the comments or Get it now in the Mapvault

25. March 2015 | zEv

Relaunch of PHGP.TV


The backbone for a sustainable future.

PHGP Started in 2013, for me personally it was a way to stay in touch with competitive gaming community whilst shifting my focus to coverage and casting. It grew quickly and we introduced the phgp brand to the Fps genre, did LAN coverage, and streamed casual games with our community. Today, with the launch of the all-new phgp.tv we are reintroducing and repositioning PlayHardGoPro in the Arena-fps genre. Our staff are huge fans of the genre and the fast-pased skill based nature of the games appeals to our brand. - zEv

Read more about our aims and goals here 

24. March 2015 | zEv

Paradiso Del Mar

Tehace Introduces Thctourney 4 

Tehace, one of the top Reflex mappers to-date has introduced his next release. Thct4 - "Paradiso Del Mar" represents a relaxed minimalistic approach to reflex. Visually the map appeares focused, and dedicated to competetive quick matches due to its rather small form factor.

We are pround to have this release here on PlayHardGoPro and will aim to bring you more exclusive maps of this caliber in the future! Download it and find out more secrets about this awesome map!


24. March 2015 | b1z

Twitch Hiccups

NewsHeaderpw.jpgHey everyone trying to access the stream, Welcome to PlayHardGoPro. Just to keep you updated on what's going on, this should also explain our slight inactivity the last couple days. We were trying hard to get our website live, which was a priority. The Twitch problems yesterday and today have caused a couple problems of our own. We were having trouble accessing our account. But not to worry, the complications have now been solved! 

24. March 2015 | zEv

PHGP is wherever you are!


Phgp.tv on Tablets ( Phone Menu fix Soon )

For us it is not optional that you can view everything you view on your desktop on your mobile devices at any time. We hope this increases trust towards our dedication and will motivate you to enjoy awesome content at any time!

24. March 2015 | zEv

Dragoniz - by Aidaho


23. March 2015 | b1z

Reflex EU Championship Cup #1


– the game with speed, precision, strategy, unthinkable movement and most importantly, skill. We saw these attributes put into practice on February 21st, as the first ever EU Championship Cup hit the stage with extraordinary action. The short tournament was planned and organized by reflex forum regular and map creator “tehanc”, “MnstH” and Reflex developer “newborn”After the success the North American’s put on the table two weeks earlier with their tournament, the European scene was eager to sign up and the 32 available slots filled within days. Sadly, a few no-shows led to players automatically advancing to the next round, but there was no need to fret, as the games were just beginning. Bringing us the action was “SHPULD” from ZootLive, covering all the best games, straight up to the final.The participants covered both ends of the skill scale, which gave us some heavy blow outs in the earlier rounds but gradually developed into some nerve racking finishes in the later stages of the tournament.

23. March 2015 | zEv

Development Roadmap Reflex 0.32.0

Newborn on the development roadmap as of build 0.32.0

The major feature for this release is planned to be an overhaul of the UI system. If everything goes to plan, when we're finished we should have a UI system that is much, much faster to implement so it won't take us hours of fucking around just to do a simple options menu. We're not sure how much will be added or redone in this version but the important part is that development of features like matchmaking, a better server browser, workshop support for maps, training and tutorials etc will no longer be blocked by a crappy UI system.

Fortunately, the UI system can be done behind the scenes -- having it half finished won't prevent us from putting out updates. So we'll probably take this opportunity to fix some of the underdeveloped bits of gameplay that are dragging matches down. 

The first of these is changes will be the way MegaHealth respawns. Instead of the fixed 30 second respawn it's on currently, we will be implementing a CPMA style "Respawn after wearoff" system. Initially for testing, "wearoff" means "player has lost 100 health, either by damage or by health decay". In order to avoid the situation where the player who last had the mega gets to know the exact timing but their enemy has to guess, we'll be implementing a visible and audible effect when Mega has worn off and the respawn timer has started ticking.